Volunteer Experience Services

“Lexington is a shining example of charity and goodwill. Their Mobile Day Hab program volunteers to clean our church. This is a big help to us financially. The people in the group do such a good job and always do it with a smile. Lexington is a good neighbor and we are lucky to have them here.”

— Pastor, Gloversville Church

People who attend Lexington programs volunteer extensively throughout Fulton County. Employees also contribute time and resources to various community events and causes.

Here are just a few examples of the many volunteer activities Lexington Program Participants are involved in:

  • Delivering meals for the Fulton County Office for the Aging
  • Shopping for seniors who are unable to leave their home
  • Visiting nursing homes
  • Reading to children in pre-schools and elementary schools
  • Helping at churches, soup kitchens, hospitals and libraries
  • Maintaining the community recreation pathway “Rail Trail"
  • Helping at the Humane Society

…and much more

“I like helping other people. We clean churches, deliver meals and go food shopping for seniors. We have fun around town and make people smile.”

— Mike