Nurturing Environment

“Together we have improved the lives of the people we support. We have created a safe, nurturing environment for everyone. On behalf of our men, women, children and their families...thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” — Judy Schelle, Board President and Parent

Lexington strives to have a nurturing, caring and safe environment for everyone. The people we support and our employees are part of an agency-wide program that continually looks at all aspects of our organization for improvements…24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to eliminate accidents, reduce stress and proactively prevent any negative situations. From increasing employee morale to ensuring quality care for our people, Lexington’s Nurturing Environment program is setting the standard for excellence.

In order to continually improve, Lexington hosts open monthly forums for all employees and people we support and their families where we discuss ideas, best practices and give feedback. We have a dedicated committee to follow up on ideas and these are incorporated into each department's daily goals and activities.

Nurturing Environment Program Hotline  1-800-831-5602