Community Supports

Lexington’s Community Supports provides programming to over 200 families living in the Fulton and Schoharie Counties communities who are caring for a child or adult in their own home. These supports may take place at the family’s home, in the community or at a Lexington site.

Community Supports include respite, After School program, evening and weekend recreation, childcare during school holidays and vacations, a sensory swim program, specialized groups, parent support groups and networks and training, information and referral.

Community Habilitation services, a program of our Community Supports, include training and assistance to encourage a person to live, work and play as independently as possible in their own community.

Social enrichments are offered in both Fulton and Schoharie Counties. This allows people with disabilities to engage in an array of recreational opportunities. It is most popularly known as Creative Expressions in Fulton County and the Friendship Club in Schoharie County.

please contact Heather Garcia at (518) 773-2014 or by email at

For more information, please contact Heather Garcia in Fulton County at (518) 773-2014 or by email at, or in Schoharie County contact Denise Smith, or call (518) 295-8130. Lexington’s Community Supports main office is located at 43 Harrison St., Gloversville.