Open Enrollment 2023 for Employee Health Benefits – Resources for Employees

During the course of the year, you can make changes to your health benefits only when you have a “Qualifying Life Event.” You must request the change within 30-days of the event (e.g. add a spouse within 30-days of the marriage date; enroll in medical within 30-days of losing coverage elsewhere). The other time you may make changes is during Open Enrollment. Lexington’s Open Enrollment Period for 2023 will begin on November 3 and end on November 17, 2022.

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to make updates to your benefit plans, add or drop dependents, or modify coverage without a Qualifying Life Event. Changes will be effective on January 1, 2023.

This year, enrollment will be a simpler process for most employees because enrollment will be “Passive.” If you do not make changes, the same benefit elections you have in 2022 will carry over into 2023 – with one exception. Flexible Spending Accounts must be reestablished each year that you wish to participate. If you want the Medical or Dependent Care Accounts in 2023, or if you want to make other changes, you must complete the enrollment process in its entirety (not just the plans you wish to change). For more information about Open Enrollment, please reference “Open Enrollment Announcement 2023” or go to Workplace and access the groups HR Info or the new Smart Healthcare Shopper.

The following resources have been put together to help you make decisions about your healthcare benefits through Lexington:

Open Enrollment Announcement 2023
RK Solutions User Guide Instructions
UCM Telemedicine Overview

Smart Healthcare Shopper Options 2023
Rx-for-Less 2023
Lexington – Outpatient Facility Preferred Provider flyer

CDPHP Information
Logging into your CDPHP Accounts
CDPHP Care Team flyer
CDPHP Preferred Lab and Radiology flyer
CDPHP Price Check
CDPHP ConnectRx-on-the-Go flyer
CafeWell flyer

For questions about any of your benefits, or for assistance logging into Employee Navigator/RKSolution, please contact Human Resources at (518) 775-5422; (518) 775-5426; (518) 775-5425; or (518) 775-5424, or the RKSolution Help desk at (518) 244-4323.