The Arc New York Elects Saundra Gumerove President

Committed disability advocate to lead statewide nonprofit serving people with developmental disabilities and their families

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The Arc New York, the largest nonprofit in New York state supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), elected Saundra M. Gumerove, Esq. as its President.

Nearing its 70th year in operation, The Arc New York Board of Governors tapped Gumerove at its annual convention to lead the call to action uniting  51 regional chapters in its campaign to update public policy and laws to better support the growing number of New Yorkers with disabilities and their families.

"It's a critical time for disability advocates, and I am proud to serve as President," said Gumerove. "Across New York State, Chapters of The Arc New York will stand together for greater understanding, inclusion and opportunity on specific issues. Progress, in my 30 years as an advocate, attorney and parent, only comes through a shared commitment to engaging local communities and all levels of government."

Gumerove comes to office at a time when thousands of New Yorkers with I/DD are in immediate need of housing and face an onerous, unclear process for placement; are struggling with a shortage of direct support professionals who ensure daily living needs are met; and face challenges arising from gaps in teacher compensation between preschools that serve children with developmental disabilities and typical schools.

Gumerove is poised to address these issues, after serving as a member of The Arc of the United States Policy Committee for the past 10 years and Chair of The Arc New York Government Affairs Committee for seven years. Gumerove also has been active on the board of AHRC Nassau, an Arc New York chapter based on Long Island.

"Saundra has been a powerful and persistent advocate for countless families for decades," said Mark van Voorst, Executive Director of The Arc New York. "She is committed to the unique experience of how disability impacts lives. We welcome her leadership to advance our collective mission and vision."