Lexington Receives CQL Accreditation with Distinction!

CQL w Distinction ACCRED LOGO for pro print.jpg

In late September, the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) announced that after a week of intensely hard work, not only was it renewing Lexington’s accreditation, it was awarding them Accreditation with Distinction. Lexington is the first agency of its kind in New York State to earn this honor and one of only ten in the world.

This four-year honor recognizes Lexington’s excellence in its operations and plans for the future. According to Shaloni Winston, Lexington’s executive director, the agency owes its excellent scores in the accreditation process to the constant dedicated efforts of its 1,700 employees, who work hard every day to help the people they support lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

“I am honored to see Lexington among the ranks of the other agencies with this distinction, but the credit goes to each and every person on Lexington’s team,” she said. “Lexington’s employees are defined by their big hearts and open arms, and we are so happy that CQL has recognized their excellence with this accreditation. I thank CQL for the honor and our employees for the roles they play every day to make this happen.”

Lexington first received a four-year CQL Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation in 2013, and this year’s upgraded accreditation represents measurable growth and progress in the agency’s continuing mission to be the best possible provider to children and adults with disabilities and their families, as well as to be the best possible employer for its staff and contribute positively to the community.

This honor came after a week of top-to-bottom review, conducted September 25-29. The detailed, rigorous process ensured that the services Lexington provides meet the high standards expected of such an agency.

Accreditation with Distinction is not the end of the road, though it is the highest accreditation an organization can receive. It is an ongoing process of self-improvement for Lexington, and when the CQL team returns in four years, they will be examining the agency’s progress between now and then for further improvement and innovation.