People with disabilities find meaningful employment in the local area

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and at Lexington’s Employment Resources, we are happy to recognize the individuals we support to find meaningful and lasting employment in our community. Most importantly, we are very grateful to the businesses that provide jobs and opportunities to people with disabilities.


The history of National Disability Employment Awareness Month traces back to 1945 and we are so proud to celebrate the abilities of the workers we support at Lexington.

Having a disability does not mean that someone does not want to or is not capable of working; it is just the opposite. They want to earn a living, they want to be productive and they want to be part of the team. A few of the local employees made the following statements about their jobs: “I like my job because it is very rewarding to me. My job has given me a place to be part of, to grow and succeed as an individual,” and, “If I didn’t have this job, I would be nowhere. This job is my life, my friendships and my enjoyment.”

At Lexington’s Employment Resources, we have a dedicated team of job developers, employment specialists who assist individuals to find both full- and part-time employment. Our applicants are experienced, pre-screened, educated and motivated to establish lasting careers. Our staff of trained professionals is available to assist employers to match the individual with the job. The employment specialists then assist the individual with learning tasks, helping him/her blend into the workforce, become successful in the job and become a valuable member of their team.

The Employment Resources team has partnered with businesses in our region that make every effort to employ and support people with different abilities. We are grateful and appreciate their willingness to help fulfill the goals and dreams of these men and women. The following are businesses that employ and provide opportunities to men and women supported by Lexington’s Employment Resources: Amsterdam Mohawks, ACCES-VR, Brennan Human Society, Burger King, Catholic Charities, Carousel Kids Daycare, Century Linen and Uniform, Chartwells Dining @ FMCC, EVMI Chocolates, Encore Kids, FLAME, Fulton Center for Rehab and Healthcare, Fulton Montgomery County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Fulton County Tax Map, Gloversville School District, Gloversville Transit Department, Hannaford, Harrison Document Services, Harvey’s Home and Garden, HFM BOCES, Home Helpers and Direct Link of Amsterdam, Italian Bistro, Johnstown Police Department, Johnstown Public Library, JAVAC, Kasson and Keller, Keymark Corp, Kingsboro Catering, The Leader-Herald, Lexington, Liberty, Lowes, McDonald's – Johnstown, Mohawk Harvest Co-op, Mohawk Sign, Nathan Littauer Hospital, New Process Cleaners, NYSID Warehouse, Price Chopper – Amsterdam, Gloversville, Johnstown, The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, Pizza Hut of Gloversville, Putman Enterprises, Railside Cafe, Ruby & Quiri, Salvation Army, St. Johnsville Rehab & Nursing Home, Schine Building, Shirley J. Luck Senior Citizen Center, SW Spa, Sunset Bay Resort, The Eccentric Club, Tops Supermarket, Universal Warehouse, Visiting Nurses, Walgreens, Walmart DC, Wade Tree Service, Walgreens of Gloversville, Wal-Mart of Gloversville, Wells Nursing Home, Wendy’s, WENT 1340, WGNA 107.7, YMCA Daycare and Fulton County YMCA.

Employment Resources is committed to helping people lead successful lives. Any business interested in partnering with Employment Resources to explore a viable, pre-screened and motivated applicant pool, please contact us. Employment Resources is located at 465 North Perry Street in Johnstown, New York. Kathy Simone, the director of Employment Resources, can be reached at (518)736-4266 or

WALLY HART, Lexington’s Division Director of Business and Community Development,
and KATHY SIMONE, Lexington’s Director of Employment Opportunities