Lexington Receives NYSARC Trust Services Guardianship Grant

The trustees of the NYSARC Trusts authorized $1,668,250.00 in restricted grants from the NYSARC Trusts Remainder Funds to be paid to NYSARC Chapters for the exclusive purposes of funding Chapters’ guardianship program operating expenses. Last year, the Lexington - Fulton County Chapter, NYCARC, Inc. received a similar grant from NYSARC Trust Services not only for the guardians to ensure the continuity of care and oversight, but also to help provide new experiences for individuals in their environments and community and to help those individuals develop meaningful relationships.

This grant allows for individuals to have opportunities and experiences that they might not be able to fund themselves. For instance, individuals were able to live out dreams like going to a Yankee game at the Yankee Stadium, attending the theater to watch a play, spending a weekend at a spa to celebrate a birthday and making a relaxing sensory area. Lexington– Fulton County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc. plans to use these funds in the same fashion this year.

In addition, remainder fund grants in the amount of $10,000 per Chapter were awarded to support NYSARC recreation programs statewide. A total of $2,207,880 in remainder grants were awarded in 2014 to support recreation and guardianship statewide. NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits.

Information is available on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you: our website www.nysarctrustservices.org, phone 1-518-439-8323, toll free phone 1-800-735-8924 or email info@nysarctrustservices.org.